Setting Goals Part 1: A Year in Review

This will be a two-part post dedicated to the topic: Setting Goals in life and work.

DAY FIVE: A year in review. #Reflection 

To know what we want ahead of us, we must reflect on where we are today. This can be a very in-depth ongoing conversation with yourself. But, it doesn't have to drone on. I am a big believer in closing chapters, and moving forward. So, with that in mind. We are going to do a little 'reflection' exercise. 

Much like the gratitude journal, you can do this very simply in a notebook or even on your computer. Now, follow along with each one of these questions and write your thoughts accordingly. 

1. Summarize 2015 in one word:

2.  What was your biggest accomplishment in life this past year?

3. What was your biggest accomplishment at work in 2015?

4. What was your favorite memory in 2015?

5. What was your favorite trip in 2015?

6. What do you feel this year was predominantly focused on?

7. How would you summarize your relationships with friends in 2015?

8. What was your work/life balance in 2015?

9. What was the hardest thing you encountered in 2015?

10. What was the biggest lesson you learned?

11. What passion projects were not able to be completed in 2015?

12. What were your biggest obstacles in 2015?

13. What relationships grew the most in 2015?

14. How did you accelerate in your career in 2015?

15. What do you feel that you wasted energy on in 2015?

16. What do you wish you had more time to do in 2015?

17. What did you long for in 2015?

18. What area do you feel you grew the most in 2015?

19. How did you feel about your financial savings in 2015?

20. What amount of time did you dedicate to health and wellness in 2015?

21. What was your motto in 2015?

These questions will help set the tone for the goal setting process. The intention for you to reflect is not only to pause and take in what you experienced, but to turn the page and look forward on new goals. Every day is a new beginning!