Leading an Organization - What Inc 500 CEOs Say.

Leading a company comes with a set of challenges, both in taking your ideas to market, and in building momentum when timing is critical.  In 'The Portrait of a Leader,' Inc's CEO survey, qualities such as Vision, Sincerity and Capacity to Inspire are ranked in the top three. CEOs of Fortune 500 companies also say that lessons learned early on can make an impact. 

To recap, leaders were asked: What is the biggest mistake a leader can make? 

"Trying to lead without being on the frontlines of setting an example."

"Lack of humility and failure to listen." 

"Not caring about your employees and not sharing your company's success." 

Making mistakes like these, are common and can be corrected.  Campsix is focused on working with leaders to help them 'pivot'.  

What can CEOs do immediately?

1. Identify - Do a SWOT analysis to identify core strengths and areas of weakness in your organization.

2. Action - After identifying obstacles, create an action plan by setting timelines and assigning tasks to internal team members. Have a 30-60-90 day execution plan.

3.  Accountability - After the 90 day period, you will be able to have a more clear picture of where your organization is failing to lead effectively, perhaps this entails surveying team members, in addition to evaluating if weaknesses internally need to be addressed by realigning team members.

Source: http://bit.ly/mxkFBv

Source: http://bit.ly/mxkFBv