25 Productivity Tools for Startups

The great thing about being a startup today, is that there are a number of apps and online tools that help you grow. The overwhelming part is doing the research, and knowing which ones will help you increase your productivity, on a budget. 

Here are 25 tools we recommend to help you manage your day-to-day. 

1. Quickbooks - Cloud based accounting for businesses. Starts at $12.95/mo

2. Salesforce.com - CRM for managing customer relationships, sales process and forecasting. About $65/per user/mo

3. Signals - Track email opens and clicks. Free.

4. Piktochart - Create compelling infographics with templates. $29/per mo

5. Expensify - Streamlined expense management and reporting. Download app for free.

6. Hubspot - Marketing software company with SEO tools, business blogging platform, tracking tools and more, to help businesses convert leads to customers. $200/mo

7. SquareSpace - Provides solutions for online publishing. With do-it-yourself tools to create high-quality web and mobile experiences. $24/mo

8. Google Analytics - Web analytics platform to track traffic and ROI. Free.

9. Hootsuite - Easy-to-use social media management, allowing businesses to manage, schedule and measure posts on Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Twitter. $8.99/mo

10. Optimizely - Website optimization tools that virtually eliminates the need for technical web development resources in the a/b testing process. $17.99/mo

11. Facebook Power Editor - Self-serve ad tool for increasing and engaging your audience on Facebook. Features such as bidding, bulk ad creation and custom audiences, help create efficiencies. Free.

12. Join.me - Screenshare for online meetings. Starts at $13/mo

13. Skype - Online instant message and video chat tool. Free.

14. Opal Brainstorms -  Online social business software that allows employees to collectively brainstorm ideas and troubleshoot issues. $100/per mo/up to 10 users.

15. HelloSign - Secure online tool for signing documents. $12/per user/mo

16. Dropbox - Service that lets you store, organize and share your photos, docs, and videos. Free.

17. IntroHive - Social selling app that analyzes employee connections and provides a holistic view into the enterprise-wide existing relationships with customers and prospects.

18. Tradeshift - Free electronic invoicing and workflow.

19. Mailchimp - Simple email marketing tool, integrates with Salesforce.com to track campaigns. Starts at $15/mo

20. Wave - Online software for invoicing, accounting and payroll. Free.

21. SurveyMonkey - Online survey tool. Send surveys, polls, questionnaires, customer feedback and market research. Free.

22. Amazon - Web hosting. Pay as you go.

23. Cirrus - Create and manage leads, contacts, tasks, cases, and opportunities right from Gmail/sync to Salesforce.com. Starts at $15/per user/mo 

24. Skitch - Take screenshots, annotate them, and share them with team. 

25. Asana - Task list and project management for team.  $50 per mo/up to 15 users

Where do you start? Campsix recommends starting with the following: 

SquareSpace, Salesforce.com, Quickbooks, Dropbox, Skype, Join.me, HelloSign, HubSpot, Signals, Amazon, and Google Analytics. 

Feel free to reach out to us if you have any questions!